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Founded in 1988, FAIRA is the largest and only Joint Powers Authority (JPA) providing insurance and Risk Management services tailored to meet only specific needs of the Fire and Emergency Service Agencies.

Contact FAIRA for insurance protection, Risk Management and Loss Control, training materials, and other specialized services for Fire Protection Agencies in California and Nevada.

  • We can offer the broadest insurance coverage available today written exclusively for Fire and Emergency Service Agencies.
  • Lower and stable premiums available due to the purchasing power of FAIRA's 104 Members.
  • First class prompt claims handling by experienced Fire Service claims handling administrators.
  • Free (two hours) Attorney consultation regarding potential employment claims.
  • Contract and agreements review.


[Posted 3/6/2019] 3/11/19 Board and Executive Board Meeting agenda and board packet have been posted. [View/Download Agenda] [View/Download Board Packet]

[Posted 2/6/2019] Best Employment Practices to Avoid EPLI Claims was presented at FAIRA's annual meeting in Monterey by Morin I. Jacob of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore. [View Document]

[Posted 2/6/2019] FAIRA Annual Report from Susan Blankenburg, General Manager, dated June 8, 2018. [View Document]

[Posted 2/6/2019] Guidlines and Suggestions for Insurance Requirements in your agreements offers suggestions for the various lines of coverage commonly seen in agreements. (This does not replace legal advice). [View Document]

[Posted 2/6/2019] Sample Insurance and Indemnification to assist with drafting agreements with Third-Parties to provide the broadest terms available for the District. [View Document]

[Posted 3/28/2017] Special Event Liability Insurance Program [Read Announcement]

[Posted 3/10/2017] Supreme Court Decision No. S218066 - City employee uses a personal account to communicate about the conduct of public business may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act. [Read Announcement]

[Posted 12/20/2016] 2017 Elections of Members for the Authority's Governing Board are open. Executed nominations for the four (4) seats are open until April 1, 2017 and should be returned to Susan Blankenburg, FAIRA's General Manager. For more information please view the "Notice of Nomination and Election Procedures" (in Board Member Documents) on the members only site.

[Posted 11/11/2016] Claims from workplace harassment and discrimination are on the rise. A key step in minimizing these claims is first understanding how they start and how to prevent them. So join us for one hour webinar titled "You Received a Compliant of Harassment ... What's Next?" led by Kevin Osterberg from Haight Brown & Bonesteel LLP. [View Webinar Details]

[Posted 7/8/2016] FAIRA places insurance program with new partner, FirePlus, effective July 1, 2016. Note the new contact information for reporting your claims. [View Document]

[Posted 6/23/2016] Contractual Risk Transfer by Denise Simpson 06.13.16. [View Document]

[Posted 3/6/2016] The use of electronics in your District's daily business transactions are rapidly increasing. [Read Full Article]  [Data Breach Precautions Document]  [Cyber Self Assessment Document]